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You can visit his blog at RooshV. Too many British people. There are hardly any Eastern European girls. I went to Hvar specifically for Eastern European women so as you can see I made a huge mistake. In three weeks I met one Polish girl and three Hungarian girls. Croatian girls have a strong anti-foreigner shield in Hvar.

WARNING: This blog contains pics of girls in big knickers…

Stari Grad Plain The area around present day Stari Grad was settled by the neolithic tribes of the Hvar culture who occupied the island between and BC, and who traded with other settlements around the Mediterranean. Remains of their pottery and other artifacts have been found, along with that of the Illyrian tribe [2] that succeeded them. The settlement lay at the lower end of Stari Grad Bay, defended by two strongholds on the north and south hillsides overlooking the harbour Glavica and Purkin Kuk.

The nearby plain was marked out with roads at right angles, and divided into fields of standard size. The Stari Grad Plain today represents one of the best-preserved examples of ancient Greek agriculture throughout the Mediterranean. An inscription from the 2nd century BC, refers to the Farians and their delegation to the Greek island of Paros and the oracle at Delphi.

Climbing those scrabbly hillsides, you can grow dizzy from the scent of rosemary and sage.

Dubrovnik and the islands off Southern Croatia are tempting travelers with natural beauty and a buzzing nightlife. Peter Jon Lindberg succumbs to their charms. The rules are simple: Choose a storied locale from a particular moment in the past 50 years, and the place that earns the most “aaah’s” wins. Someone invariably picks St. Think of these and you’ll begin to understand the Dalmatian Coast in Right now, the islands of southern Croatia are—among a certain group of people—the premier destination in the Mediterranean region.

They glimmer on the periphery enough to attract the trendy, yet hang enough off the radar to elicit blank stares among the rest. And the rest don’t know it now, but they’ll be coming soon, too. Europeans long favored Croatia’s coastal resorts as a low-key alternative—Greece, Italy, and Spain without the tourist junk or the exorbitant prices.

Holidays in Croatia

Croatian is the official language, Italian and English are also widely spoken. Below are a few hints that may help you when planning for your trip to Croatia: Holders of passports for the EU countries do not need visas for Croatia. In spring and autumn it is advisable to have rainwear. Casual clothing and footwear such as trainers are quite acceptable during the day but you should dress up when going out at night.

Comfortable shoes are a must and sandals for the beach are required.

Roman Faria was taken over by the Slavs at the beginning of the 8th century.

The prince’s clothes appeared to be saturated when he emerged from the pool at the Veneranda nightclub Saturday night was more packed than usual thanks to guest DJs Milk and Sugar, famed for their hit Let The Sun Shine. At one point the high-spirited prince, who was barefoot and wearing denim jeans, a blue linen shirt with a black baseball cap and a thong-style necklace, seemed so caught up in the spirit of things that he threw himself into the pool.

Laughing, the dripping royal hauled himself out – and carried on dancing as if nothing had happened, despite the fact that he was soaked to the skin. The red-haired livewire is often mistaken for the prince, particularly by girls keen to boast of an encounter with royalty – and Skippy has not been known to dissuade them. But the prince has impressed his instructors with his natural aptitude for flying and has mastered the notoriously challenging machine with ease.

Clearly, though, he is keen to let his hair down before he heads off to the States. He is due back in the UK this week as he has to attend an awards ceremony in London on Wednesday in his position as patron of WellChild, which provides help and support to terminally and seriously ill children and their families. Share or comment on this article.

The best islands in the world, according to travellers

In the republic of Croatia, when performing on Festivals of Croatian theatre amateurs, almost every theatre’s performance meant winning the first place. Commendations and performances on Dubrovnik summer Games, Split summer, th anniversary of Matica Hrvatske, and Festivals of public theatres. Performances of the Hvar public theatre, for every important occasion, are the most representable cultural product of this City.

Being very acoustic, the cloister today serves as a small concert hall hosting to prominent musicians from Croatia and abroad.

Wine tasting Family farm and organic homemade food for a unique sightseeing experience. You shall eat in a typical tavern lighted by candles on stone tables tasting organic dishes. The roads were very well paved in most parts, especially in the mountainous parts. The bikes were also fantastic. Hvar Life has pinarello bikes and nice Rudy?

They also could supply cycling shoes but we had our own. Even so, the ride was more challenging for me than my boyfriend, as I’d only been riding for about a month, and Massimo was great about adjusting the pace in the beginning to make sure I was comfortable. We took the early ferry over from Split and had emailed to see if we could book bikes.

9 Reasons Hvar Island Sucks

It is situated in picturesque nature, facing the southern, side of the world that has given it all Mediterranean attraction and cheerfulness; facing sea and having the unique nautical position, that gave it amazing and unforgettable history. Hvar is an inexhaustible treasury of the scenery, atmosphere and adventure, a unique fusion of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, and mundane, tourist present.

Hvar The Island Hvar belongs to the central Dalmatian archipelago, it’s the second biggest Croatian island and the longest one. The eastern promontory of Hvar is only 4. It is 67,5 km long and a maximum of 10,5 km in width and covers the area of Higest peak is St.

Many travelers I talked to also suspect that dilution is going on.

Island of Hvar Island of Hvar is situated in the central Dalmatian archipelago; area In front of the western part of the southern coast of Hvar are Pakleni Otoci Pakleni Islands , and in front of the middle part the island of Scedro. Hvar island is surrounded with other middle – Dalmatian islands; Korcula island , Brac island and Vis island Island of Hvar The island is characterized by mild Mediterranean climate.

The air temperature in the winter months is 9. Hvar has a long insolation 2, hours of sunshine a year. Though representing a part of the diverse southern Croatian archipelago, formed by numerous islands, since the earliest days Hvar has been the subject of special recognition, distinguished by both its natural beauty and its cultural strata.

It was chosen by the earliest prehistoric inhabitants because of it’s pleasant climate and convenient havens and its arable land well-suited for cultivation, as well as for the defence and construction possibilities it offered. Due to its mild climate, the scent of lavender and other aromatic herbs which fills the air, the island of Hvar has been known as a health resort since Besides health benefits and natural beauties, the city of Hvar is famous for its cultural heritage.

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