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Wearable Tech How accurate is the Apple Watch’s step counter and distance tracking? See how it stacks up against the competition. It can be used to communicate with others , view notifications from an iPhone and even pay for items with Apple Pay. It’s also a dedicated activity tracker that can measure active calories burned, active minutes, the number of times you stand throughout the day, your daily step count and distance traveled. We’ve been testing the Apple Watch over the past few weeks, and focused on those final two metrics — steps taken and distance traveled — to see how it stacks up against the competition. How the Apple Watch measures distance To be clear, steps taken and distance traveled are two related — but discrete — metrics. The former is exactly what it sounds like: While both should be absolute numbers, they’ll differ from person to person based on height and stride.

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View All My Fitness Pal is a straightforward, simple diet and fitness tracking website and app perfect for the person who wants basic features without a lot of bells and whistles. This free fitness tool offers a food diary, an exercise log, a few simple tools, and a community forum for asking questions and getting advice. For exercisers who want the basics without much detailed analysis of diet and fitness goals , My Fitness Pal is a good choice. MyFitnessPal Features My favorite feature is the ‘Quick Tools’ option which allows you to quickly enter calories, previous meals, or recent exercises and workouts.

But this fitness tool has other features:

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GO betting news CS: Each match has 30 rounds played on a single map, with the first to win 16 rounds taking the match. Players switch teams at the 15 round mark. The terrorist team is tasked with placing and detonating a bomb at one of two locations, while the counter-terrorist team has to prevent the bomb from being placed, or defuse the bomb if it was. Either team can also win if they are the first to kill all the members of the opposing team, and this is a much more common way for teams to win in a round.

Many tournaments also feature stages at which the round is won in a best of three format, so the first team to win two of the best-of maps would be the overall victor. GO is different from popular contemporary military first-person shooters, such as those in the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises: Players do not respawn within a round, but only at the start of a new one.

Health does not regenerate. Players do not aim down the sights of a weapon, instead using only on-screen crosshairs. Money is rewarded for kills. Every player starts only with a default pistol.

Statistical Techniques | Statistical Mechanics

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I suspect that the Trophy will become the flagship collectors’ MGF in years to come, so be wary of imitations or similarly styled MGF Freestyle SEs being palmed off as the higher specification

Board Matchmaking takes forever to find a match. After shadow case update everytime I search for a competitive match it takes forever it says “searching for servers and players” and players online constantly increases and decreases as usual but after 2 mins or so only last digit of players only changes after that it freezes and i cannot find any match. Given that you cannot control the mumber of players and their ranks you can control your matchmaking ping limit.

There are fewer players on a saturday morning on my country, probably still sleeping. I wont find a competitive fast if any. There are few people that are playing but with totally different rank from you that the server wont let you play with them due to sill mismatch. You still wont find a game fast if any. Let’s assume there are enough players same rank as you, but still no game, probably youve set a very low ping limit at that time of the day that few players if any can meet your criteriam.

Adjust the pibg limit to if you can play on that lag, hey better than none right? In options, game options menu and try to matchmaking queue. Hope yousolve your problem. TheEngin33r – 1 year ago 0 0 This question was asked more than 60 days ago with no accepted answer. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight.

Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

What was President Clinton like?

Ranking Method The ranking method is as before mentioned unknown. But based on experience, we can tell you a little bit of how it works. If you keep loosing, the system will put you in a lower skill group. Another thing to notice, is that winning against players in a higher skill group seems to benefit your rating more positively than winning against an equal skill group. Loosing against a lower skill group will then have a bigger negative impact on the rating.

One thing I noticed, is that if you keep winning and being on top of the scoreboard, the system will put you against higher ranked players. In my opinion this is to test if you should be placed in a higher skill group before actually changing the skill group. What is a Skill Group? Like an Elo rating in Chess, the CS: GO competitive Skill Groups predict how well players will perform when playing against other players. Two equally skilled teams should, on average, win an equal number of matches when competing against each other.

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I will help you understand it! If you link your account you will play with and against other Prime players. If you have multiple accounts you have to choose your favorite to link to your phone because you can only have one account for each phone number. The system is still on Beta.

It’s also a dedicated activity tracker that can measure active calories burned, active minutes, the number of times you stand throughout the day, your daily step count and distance traveled.

Counters specific to Azure Service Fabric actors, e. The Windows Performance Monitor application that is available by default in the Windows operating system can be used to collect and view performance counter data. Azure Diagnostics is another option for collecting performance counter data and uploading it to Azure tables.

Performance counter instance names A cluster that has a large number of actor services or actor service partitions will have a large number of actor performance counter instances. The performance counter instance names can help in identifying the specific partition and actor method if applicable that the performance counter instance is associated with.

Service Fabric Actor category For the category Service Fabric Actor, the counter instance names are in the following format: ToString method with format specifier “D”. ActorRuntimeInternalID is the string representation of a bit integer that is generated by the Fabric Actors runtime for its internal use. This is included in the performance counter instance name to ensure its uniqueness and avoid conflict with other performance counter instance names. Users should not try to interpret this portion of the performance counter instance name.

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While we continue to be vigilant about this, with the advent of esports cash betting and so many small tournaments finding their way on to the sites that provide it, match fixing seems to be flourishing again. His team was due to play in the sixth season of the King of Nordic online cup where they would be representing Iceland in a game against Finland.

The reasons for contacting him were very direct. Heesters wanted no part in a throw and immediately reached out to UK journalist Dom Sacco, who then referred him to us. Although the exchange was short El Amrani did also add that the betting would be using real money or bitcoin, which he asserted would reduce the chances of getting caught, and that many low tier games were fixed in this manner.

When that same firearm has saved your life more than once, perhaps it is time for a report.

And this goes without saying for eyewitnesses ; those people who were supposedly there at the time the events in question took place. What they testify about is basically gold, in the eyes of the jury. Sure, we can count on a lawyer to cross-examine the eyewitness and point out the discrepancies in the testimony. Enter the growing field of psychology and the human memory. Experts, such as the noted psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Loftus , have been conducting experiments researching the relationship between eyewitness memory and the actual accuracy of it.

Basically, the research shows that eyewitness testimony is not really as reliable as we think it is. The studies show, in fact, that eyewitnesses actually have a large capacity for unintentionally making up false memories. Here are some of the reasons behind it: The studies show that the more people imagine an event happening in the past that did not actually happen , the more people will be convinced that the event actually took place.

This phenomenon explains how people can end up creating false childhood memories, or make up details about events that never actually happened. Apparently, when we keep imagining certain scenarios, we can really come to believe these things happened. After all, how often have we had our thoughts swayed just because of something someone else had said? Along similar lines, often times in their line of questioning, prosecutors and police can let their perceived notions of the events subtly come out.

CSGO “Your connection to matchmaking servers is not reliable” FIX!

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